Tooth whitening

Articole Dr. Adam StellaFood, smoking, tea, wine, coffee and inappropriate oral hygiene bring about stained teeth, which is why tooth whitening is the most required and recommended procedure in dental cosmetics. This treatment completely safe and it is performed in our office, by using professional products...

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Modern clinic

Clinica Dr. Adam StellaThe treatments also require team work. The collaboration in the office is very important to us. Together, we do our best to make the best decision for the patient and in order to solve his problems in a professional manner. Our experience and our working together for a long time make us a clinic with...

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Why us?

Interviu Dr. Adam StellaGreat result, thank you very much Dr. Adam Stella

Interviu Dr. Adam StellaExcellent team, all the proces was good. Good price and a great experience in Bucharest.

Interviu Dr. Adam StellaNice city, accommodation very good at Hotel Minerva.

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