Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry consists of applying treatments that provide high comfort by improving the smile and the tooth's appearance. Cosmetic dentistry corrects imperfections and solve your teeth's major problems. The procedures applied in our office will offer you shiny smile and it will resolve both esthetic and tooth related issues.

The results are visible and the procedures applied by our doctors offer you the smile that you like. Before choosing a cosmetic treatment, the dentist makes an examination so he should choose the most appropriate procedure, according to your needs.

Tooth whitening

Food, smoking, tea, wine, coffee and inappropriate oral hygiene bring about stained teeth, which is why tooth whitening is the most required and recommended procedure in dental cosmetics...

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Porcelain or composite fillings are suitable with the color of your teeth so that they look natural, shiny and very similar with the original tooth. Old, traditional fillings can be replaced by this cosmetic treatment so as to look as good as possible and in order to get a beautiful smile.


Veneers are used for esthetical correction of the front teeth. Veneers are made of ceramic or composite material and they are glued onto the visible side of the tooth...

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Dental crowns

The teeth with serious problems (fractured, destroyed) can be treated by applying dental crowns. This treatment maintains the teeth's functionality...

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Tooth jewelry

You may have a new, shiny smile in short time. Applying the jewel on the tooth takes no risks and the tooth integrity is not affected. Specially designed quality substances are used for the jewel's gluing. A drop of demineralizer is poured on the desired spot, after fast brushing. After a few seconds, the spot is washed and the adhesive is applied and then photo-polymerized for 60 seconds. The jewel is applied on the desired spot together with transparent composite material.

Our office offers you jewels with various shapes, made of various materials, gem plated gold jewelry or zirconium and crystal jewelry.