Dental crowns

The teeth with serious problems (fractured, destroyed) can be treated by applying dental crowns. This treatment maintains the teeth's functionality. The crown also has esthetic role, it corrects the shape and it restores the tooth's original appearance. Crowns cover troublesome teeth by using special quality and resistant materials.

Clinic procedure

The tooth is polished so that the dental crown should be placed onto it;

The dentist makes an impression which is sent to a specialized laboratory in order to make the crown;

A temporary crown is applied until the permanent one is ready;

The permanent crown is made by the dental technician and applied by the dentist, after replacing the temporary one

The material used for dental crowns is chosen together with the dentist, depending on the place where the work is performed and on the tooth's resistance.

The crown's resistance

The crown's lifespan is determined by the compliance with healthy oral hygiene rules. The crown care is similar with the common tooth care. Going to a dentist's for routine dental consultations is recommended. The dentists in our dental office analyze each treatment option that is possible so that you benefit on the right solution for your problem.