Tooth whitening

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Food, smoking, tea, wine, coffee and inappropriate oral hygiene bring about stained teeth, which is why tooth whitening is the most required and recommended procedure in dental cosmetics. This treatment completely safe and it is performed in our office, by using professional products. The results are visible and they change the smile radically as it removes tooth stains. There is a wide range of procedures related to tooth whitening. Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide are most often used in these situations.

Clinic procedure

Ambulatory whitening

First of all, the dentist evaluates the health state of the teeth and then, depending on your needs, he settles the gel quantity that is necessary in order to obtain satisfactory results Brushing is obligatory before applying the gel and then the gel is kept on the teeth for 10 minutes and then activated by a special lamp

The treatment is safe and it is made by using the professional equipment in the office

At home or ambulatory whitening

In addition to the office treatment, the dentist will prescribe the patient a home treatment.

It is highly recommended that you consult your dentist when choosing the right treatment! Tooth whitening can be performed appropriately only in a dentist's office in order to prevent risks and enjoy visible results.