Fatete dentare

Veneers are used for esthetical correction of the front teeth. Veneers are made of ceramic or composite material and they are glued onto the visible side of the tooth. Whenever you want a shinier smile, in the case of small position adjustments that require corrections and when one wants to improve the tooth appearance, in the case of chipped or cracked teeth, we recommend the veneer treatment. Veneers are very thin and similar with false fingernails.

Fatete dentare

Clinic procedure

The procedure is not complicated, yet it must be applied carefully

The doctor polishes and makes an impression that is sent to the laboratory;

The laboratory processes the impression and makes the veneer which is applied by the dentist

The veneer's resistance

Veneers improve the oral cavity appearance and the smile. The lifespan depends on the material; the treatment's advantage consists of longevity. The use of veneers guarantees very good aesthetic results, shiny smiles and aligned, symmetrical teeth.